The Good Son


Welcome to The Good Son, a game created in Twine where a young man is made go out on a limb to help out his father, and learns a whole lot about herself along the way.

You’re a young man in your last year of university. What’s your name, anyway?

In this sexy 3d porn game called The Good Son, your character is a university student in his senior year who has a big problem – he needs to save his dad by having to pay off the Mob! They keep asking for more and more money from him, so you will have to figure out creative ways to get it. Some of these include dressing up like a girl to get a waitress job at a nightclub. Plus, you gradually have to progress into other female roles and end up in a very submissive life in which Katie, your boss, as well as Susan, your girlfriend, and Todd, your personal trainer and best buddy are in it to assist and support you along the way. What happens is up to you.

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