New-U Salon


Free aninme sex game, New U Salon by Elena Starz Sex Adult Comics is here for you to play.

This is New U Salon, a TG/TF porn game where you control a salon and the fates of your sexy clients. Inspired by excellent sex games such as Inner Bimbo and stories such as “New U Salon” by Zon 18. Let us know what you think.

From the sex game:

“There seems to be a few hair stations and an office in the back. You walk into the office to find your mother’s computer and a phone. You log-on to the computer and see some information detailing some financials. Apparently your mother has $1000 in liquid assets and only three regular clients at the moment, but the salon is in no debt that you can see. Before you can look at anything else, the phone rings.”

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