Bitch Medicenter


In a near future where body and mind alteration are the latest fad, customers of Bitch Medicenter often have very specific needs. Liz the physician and you, a nameless technician are here to fulfill those needs in the most depraved way possible.

Ranging from a frigid housewife to a prospective streamer, play a short series of puzzles and get some delicious lewds! Be sure to go into the “console settings” menu, where you can enable some hidden text-only scenes dealing with scenarios too specific for me to find images for. You can also remove dialogue thumbnails or even auto-skip the actual gameplay for those who don’t enjoy it.

I hope you’ll enjoy a game that will respect your time. Before you play, please note that every case has it’s own niche and fetishes, and those are disclaimed before every case. Do not feel like you need to play all of it, just play what you like, and leave a review if you can. Whether you enjoy the game or not, thank you for playing!

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