Breeders Haven: Reconception


Before we get into what your role as a Haven administrator is, we first have to explore the history of how Havens came to need to exist.

Starting at some point in the early 2020s, the earth was ravaged by an unforeseen pandemic that spread across the world unchecked. Victims of the disease died within weeks of contraction, with no cure or treatment ever discovered. Scientists could never discover the means by which the disease was contracted. Over the course of only a year, every single human being on earth contracted and fell victim to the virus.

Curiously enough, only males suffered the effects of the virus. Females, though having contracted the virus suffered no symptoms whatsoever, and after a short period of time, their bodies were clear of any trace of the disease. Males, however, were not so fortunate, suffering a 99% mortality rate across the entire world. How could a virus behave in such a way? Was it a superbug resulting from antibiotic overuse? A government secret project has gone horribly wrong? Autism from vaccinations? To this day, nobody knows.

As the virus dissipated and the world’s population was left with a severe lack of males, humanity faced another crisis. The traditional monogamous partner system of the old world could not sustain human populations anymore, as well as huge areas of the world were disorganized from the chaos.

For this reason, the Haven system was established. By reading this guide, you must be one of the few male survivors of the plague that ravaged the world. And now it is time for you to take on the role of a Haven Administrator.

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