Imperium is a text based adventure porn game with real porn pics and video, developed by SuperDooper. This free anime porn game is a remake of the original game by Slone, expanding on the storyline.

The sexy story is set in a contemporary world in which success is valued above all else. The young male protagonist, suffering from lack of luck in life and consequent social rejection, comes across a stone with magical powers. Wow! Armed with this stone and the desire to chase his dreams and desires, he finds himself in charge of controlling and corrupting the world around him..

Updated to version 0.6 on July 25th 2021.
To make the free sex game work on mobile web we had to rewrite filenames for many of the images and videos.
In case you find any images or videos that are still broken we’d appreciate if you can paste the filename in the comment section. (tap and hold down on a broken image)

Imperium is a game that takes place in a reality that looks like ours. It is made by Slone/Aurrora (Same person just different pseudo) and after it was abandoned has been picked up and continued by SuperDooper.

When I release this the free porn game intro will be finished which includes the corruption of “Your home”. My goal is to make this game a little bit like The Lilith Device or A Spell for All in terms of the basic plot and methods of corruption which should make you a little idea of what this game is going to be like. It is also really inspired by The Company by Westane. If you enjoy this game and haven’t played the two of them, I would highly recommend to check them out.

Please note that transformations are very difficult to code in for me, so at present you will only be able to transform some members of your family. If you want more transformations then please let me know I will consider putting them in. If you’d like to see more transformations it allows me to put more pornstars into the free anime porn game, so let me know who you’d like to transform and into who.

This is my first game on twine so I’m still discovering the engine.

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