Perchance to Dream


The huge security gate looms in front of you. It’s both bigger than the van you’re in and a darker shade of black.

With the imposing iron lattice filling your view, you can’t help but feel a little nervous as you press the intercom button to call security.

The moment of truth.

You’ve spent months working on this job. Planning your routes, gathering equipment, training your mind, hacking security, and paying an obscene amount of bribes, if it all worked, you’ll know now.

The tiny camera switches on an LED and swivels towards your face, followed by a bored sounding voice drifting out of the speaker. “Tsai Estate, Security.”

“Westlake Cleaning.” You try to mimic a similar bored tone while pushing a scannable work order at the camera.

“Hold on please.”

A few shuffles and beeps follow through the speaker as they scan and check your work order. You didn’t pay off any gate guards, but the work order is legit. Should be able to get in without a problem. You still catch yourself nervously tapping the steering wheel while you wait.

The guard’s voice crackles back out of the speaker, “Looks good, please use the service entrance around the right of the mansion.” The gate slowly lifts allowing you to drive in.

It’s a long drive up to the sprawling mansion, passing through holographic fountain features and genetically engineered decorative shrubs. Everything well lit despite the late hour. This place is beyond opulence.

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