Unexpected Expectations


In this free anime porn game you’ll take the role of the 20 years old virgin guy who lives together with few girls. He accidentally gets infected with some sort of parasite that is called Pravitas. As you might understand this parasite needs sex and it gets stronger by doing that and unlocks you more abilities with that.

Unexpected Expectations is an adult adventure sex game with real pics and video. The male protagonist finds himself enslaved to his own hormones after he gets infected with a “Pravitas” virus, resulting in an ever increasing need for sex.
As the story develops the demonic effects caused by the virus will lead the young virgin protagonist to a life of incest and harem building..

More information about the author can be found on their Patreon page. As new versions are released we will update the free anime sex game here at mopoga.com accordingly.

From the creator:

Hello everyone! This is my very first attempt at making a anime sex game (and programming in general), so please don’t expect any complicated mechanic!

This game will revolve around a very basic structure. You wake up, you interact with people a few times, you go to school, interact there, come back home, interact some more, go to bed, rinse and repeat. To spice things up, I’m going to try to implement random events.

For now, those two will be the only locations that exist. You will be able to get money through programming on your computer(may expand later). Stats will be gained through swimming at home, paying attention to classes and messing around at school.

I don’t plan on implementing an Energy system, always found those to be just an extra unnecessary management system, I also don’t plan to implement “time”, the game will follow a cycle structure of Early Morning, Morning, Late Morning, Noon, Early Afternoon, Afternoon, Late Afternoon, Evening, Night and Midnight.

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